Primal Games - UTRECHT

Proudly we present to you the 9th edition of the Primal Games.

This time we return to Utrecht with a new and improved edition of the Primal Games. Check out all the essential information about the tournament on this page and Smoothcomp.


Merwestein Sports- and eventcentre. 

Merweplein 1

3432 GN Nieuwegein

The Netherlands



The Primal Games take place at the 10th of November in Utrecht.

Start first match: 10.00 hours.

When do I have to fight?

Check out Smoothcomp 2 days before the tournament to check the estimated time of your first match. Make sure you are present for the weigh-in and at least one hour before your first match, since it could be busy at the weight- in area.


There is one weigh-in moment between 9:00 – 12:00 hours.

Make sure you are on time!

There is one weight-in moment
between 9:00 – 12:00 hours.

The weigh-in for both the grappling and BJJ divisions is without the gi. If you can’t make weight or if you are too late this will result in a DQ. We expect a lot of fighters so changing the tight tournament schedule is not possible. 


Registration closes at:
04/11/2019, 23:59 hour

Early birds (Closes: 10/09/2019 23:59):
Adults €20,- / Kids €10,-

Normal registration (closes : 10/10/2019 23:59):
Adults €25,00 / Kids €15,00

Late registration (closes : 04/11/2019 23:59):
Adults €45,00 / Kids €25,00

Winner takes all (closes : 04/11/2019 23:59):
Adults €20,00 

Attention: the registration might close earlier when the maximum of 400 registrations has been reached. 

Gi and No-Gi discount:
If you register for both the gi and no-gi divisions at once you get a discount on the total order value. Adults get a €5,00 discount per competitor. Kids get a €2,50 discount per competitor. 

Visitor entrance ticket 12 years and older: €5,- (kids 11 years and younger for free)

Register here Primal Rules

Double KO system!

We work with a round robin system for the divisions with three or less competitors. That way you can fight the most matches against different opponents. The larger divisions have a double ko system. In case you don’t have any competitors in your weight division then your weight division will be combined with another weight class. This way you will have the most matches as possible!

Primal Rules